Abigail Ahern

Some design principles

It's like Siberia out there, the wind is whirling and buffeting and whacking the house at full throttle, temperatures have dropped and we've gone from feeling that spring is here to being propelled back into the depths of winter, Horrible. On the weekend we did a bit of sorting out, the junk room which you literally couldn't walk through the door of now feels a little more orderly, no way sorted but at least not migraine inducing. There was a reason for undertaking such a task, we are launching a sale section on the new website and each Thursday it will be updated. So as well as discounts on store products there will also be things from my pad; vintage chesterfield, coffee table, lamps that sort of thing. Goes live this Thursday at 11am which is exciting. The thing about decorating is as much as I can bang on about do this do that it really is down to you because our homes are a reflection of things we love. Of course you can learn design principles or unlearn them I say (they tend to restrict us) but ultimately it’s all down to choice and personal preference. All I am trying to do is to make you think a little differently. For instance if you love colour but are scared of it introduce it in small ways like a door or doorway. Not only does this elevate your space to a whole other level it adds immediate happiness. The trick as I say a zillion times is to select colours a little off radar and non predictable it ups the anty so to speak. door door1 Double up on pattern, ideally to tantalise the eye we kind of need more than one pattern going on in a space. Take my studio I have a zebra rug and a tweed chair, or in this image below - cool rug, cool table. door2 Bottom line we are trying as odd as it sounds to confuse the eye so it literally doesn't know what to look. Then wham bam our senses are more engaged and whether we realise it or not our spaces feels more intriguing, more exciting and way cooler. Am off to an early Pilates session which I shouldn't be going to as last week in class I did something to my knee and its now puffed up in size and looks odd, plus it’s a tad painful. And yes I know I should rest it and not put pressure on it but it’s been like this since Thursday (AGES) and my patience is running out. Enough already,  am over it.

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