G'day, have Australia in my head so excuse the odd bit of slang here and there. Talking of Australia think I might up sticks and relocate if these Siberian conditions do not hurry up and move on, it’s freezing. Made even more poignant as I'm working on a project that references the desert and the beach simultaneously - its beyond tough! However you are not here to listen to me moaning and droning on about the weather we are here to talk interiors. Now you may or may not know this but I rarely make mistakes - maybe once a decade, even less I reckon (can push the truth a little no)?   Something I have done a 360 on is plants, plants in the home. I've spoken about this briefly before I used to have a problem with them indoors and now I don't. Not sure what happened I didn't suddenly wake up and get the call, I've slowly come around to seeing how transformative they can be. A bit like flowers they can freshen a room, and give it life, personality a breath of air so to speak. Plant choices are so personal there is no wrong or right (I'm not good with anything tropical flowers or otherwise) so I tend to prefer frothy and feathery but it’s really up to you as far as choices go. The trick I would say is not to over do it, you don't want your space looking like a green house. Now I know this image overdoes it slightly there are oodles but it illustrates exactly what I am talking about, adding a bit of green brings a space alive. plants For the first time I ordered some faux fig plants (seen below) and they look so beautiful in the store, enlivening our consoles and tableware section. Looked I should say because on the weekend one of them sold. Now I shouldn't tell you this because you will be telling me I need to check into the nearest clinic and stay there a while but my store feels like my home (its my second home) so when something sells that’s an integral part of the scheme I get a little twitchy, my heart rate increases and I have to start deep breathing.  The guys called me up on the weekend and told me someone wanted to buy the fig  (knowing how much I adore this plant and the fact it had just arrived this wasn't an easy phone call). "Noooooo yells I, we've only just got him, don't let him go, he looks so cool where he is, can they maybe wait 6 months'. I won't tell you the exact reply, go figure! So sold he is and its painful and I know I know I have to sell things I just don't want to, because it all looks so darn cool! fern Therapy do you reckon? Don't answer I think I know the reply already, I have to become less attached!

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