Small is beautiful

Morning, need not to dilly dally this morning its a bit of a frantic one. Pilates, meetings a whiz to the store,  another meeting and finally and somehow I have to squeeze  a trip into Leila's to stock up on milk and coffee (she does the best on both), and when it comes to milk for coffee cannot drink any other.   Fuss bag that I am! Listen to this, the milk (Ivy house) is from a farm in Somerset, the cows are crazed on grass and clover, its unhomogenised and when they go out to pasture in the spring for the first time in the year its the best tasting milk ever!  Bored yet?  To much information about the micro details of my life - understood I will stop and get down to business. Small  is beautiful we all know that right. Even when working on large open plan rooms I have a yearning to cozy them up and to create a zillion small little spaces rather than one big cavernous space. Hand on heart I can't think of one open plan space I have liked from all my years in the biz, unless its been layered up. Unless its multi dimensional with a ton of little areas going on. Not for me one super sized sofa and a few chairs, no sir, I want nooks, I want layers and I want lots of different focal points. So as odd as it sounds small spaces are actually my idea of heaven.  They are more cocooning and edgy for one - the trick with small spaces is not to be put off by the size. Decorate them like you would a huge room. Take the fashion designer Carrado di Byaze's pad in Paris as an example. Its small, all apartments in Paris are small generally speaking from years staying in rentals all over the city when exhibiting.  Anyway who cares if its small make it as fabulous as Carrado has. Subway tiles in the kitchen and bathroom in black are soooo beautiful, particularly when you start adding in gold sinks, taps, mirrors and so forth. I say this many times but the thing with small rooms is that we don't want to let the eye clock how small the space is we want the eye to clock how cool the space is. It won't unless you layer it up, that way you will have numerous focal points and it will feel like the coolest place on earth to hang out. oneNow I know there is a lot going on here and you don't have to be quite so OTT, but hopefully you get my point. You don't quite know what to focus on,where to look as the eye zooms and darts all over taking it all in. oneaHip, cool very Parisian and just because a space is small doesn't mean you have to compromise. onec Love this bathroom, love it. One last point, ditch  pale colours in small rooms and in large rooms and go dark.  Go dark I tell you, do that and you will  change your life for the better, for ever. Promise!

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