Game changers

Morning, I've had half a day already, got up at 4.30 whizzed to the flower market, whizzed to the store and now I'm here for a few hours before whizzing off again. Coming back via Parliament looked amazing this morning as the sun was rising, the streets were quiet and beautiful and I thought fleetingly about running for PM. I could ban light colours and low energy light bulbs and insist that every coffee shop in the country sells good coffee - tempting no? Few things to tell this morning; on the new site we have a sale section (goes live at 11am this morning) and each Thursday at the very same time it will be updated.  This week we have vintage pieces from my pad, some flowers that have been discontinued from our supplier so we can't really have them on the site (they are 50% off), and some other bits and pieces. I'm in meetings pretty much all day so if you have any queries on anything in the sale its best to call or email the store (remembering that things like the vintage pieces are one offs). Gem is in store all day making hundreds of bouquets, for all those who ordered on line so if you want any advice on blooms do pop in. I thought this morning I might yabber about game changers, pieces that take spaces to a whole other level. My style of decorating requires you to think a little differently so for instance if you are in the market for bedside tables, pointer number one - don't be looking for bedside tables. Way to boring, way to conventional - haven't seen a great one yet. Instead use stools, chairs, occasional tables. Not only will this elevate your room to another level it will add an element of unexpectness to your scheme. Every room needs an element of the unexpected otherwise its just way to boring sorry. Same goes with desks - don't be looking for desks for your home office, be looking for dining tables - take it one step further and paint out in a zingy hue and Bob's your uncle so to speak! I also have a problem with coffee tables - why are they so hard to source? So I use African drums, stools, little occasional things and not only does my room feel less predictable it also feels totally unique. Simple don't you think you just need to think a little differently! Prime example below this super sweet stool double dutying as a bedside. bedside Have a lovely Thursday, oh I should say before I go we are working on the E classes so dates will be up soon and also on creating a forum where we can all yabber and share ideas, images etc. Busy times.

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