Talking powder rooms

Yesterday was bonkers, bonkers I tell you. Meetings then a quick trip to the store turned into an epic one (deliveries of new stock) including amazing rope dogs, life size at that. My phone died so I couldn't take a picture but I will over the weekend they are out of this world. Flowers everywhere, Gem was in house and making up bouquets for restaurants, online orders and people popping in - crazy day. I should just say Gem is in over the weekend both days so if you are in Islington and want her to make you up something pop by, she might kill me for saying that as she has quite a few to make already, but anyways I'm on call I can always run in and work the till (not quite sure how the till works) but that as they say is a whole other problem! Got home, sat in the chair in my coat (didn't even have the energy to take it off) and thought about taking the top 3 floors of the house off and creating a bungalow as stairs, coupled with tiredness coupled with a bad knee are not a good combo! Enough already - today is another day its actually Design School day, which I love. We are packed more than packed today with people coming from all over which is exciting. I need to whiz over the house and straighten a few things, tripped up a bone in the dark this morning and Mungo had re-arranged the laundry pile down the stairs it seems as there are socks, tops and god knows what else all over the place. Without further ado I thought we might talk about the loo, or powder rooms as they say  State side.  You know those tiny rooms housing a loo, a sink and that is about it. Same goes for tiny bathrooms generally neglected I find painted ivy, cream or white, barely accessorised they have to be the most boring spaces on the planet. Why can't the loo be as cool as say the living room. I get its tricky with little space, but painted out in a hue you wouldn't normally go for, or wallpapered, or accessorised with a few bits and bobs takes it to a whole other level. Ours is about as small as they go, its bijou with no natural daylight so I decided to wood clad it, it cozied it up no end. The great thing about such spaces is because they are so tiny you can afford to take big risks - they are easy to return to their original state if you mess up. So push the colour wheel, push the wallpaper spectrum and dare to be different. Add the odd bloom, maybe a scented candle, the odd bit of art and you're done, simple as that. A few examples below - a wallpapered (check out the ceiling to) powder room by Nate Berkus and below that an image I use all the time because I love it, craft paper used as wallpaper in a tiny bathroom. Genius bath3 bathroom1 Before I go just I wanted to say thank you to you guys, the stats on the blog and our new website have gone crazy of  late. Not sure what I have done or am doing but thank you all for following, commenting buying and adding such a great dimension to my life. Have a lovely weekend x

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