Quirky finds

Morning, morning another day another dollar as they say. Talking of dollars a quick reminder that new items on the sale section of the site go live at 11am. We have vintage garden chairs, big armchairs (50% off), beautiful tall wisteria hugely discounted and quite a bit more. Shall we talk accessories this morning; I think so since they are the easiest thing to transform a room. Now I love quirky accessories you all know that right.  BUT and this is a huge big fat BUT, fundamentally I want my interiors to feel beautiful, sophisticated and mesmerising not crazy. Sso I flirt with going over the top but always pull back. Here is how; if you make sure that the majority of the pieces in your space make sense so as we're talking accessories here I'm thinking cushions, vases, candles, flowers that sort of thing, and then a small percentage of them don't that is how you nail it. For example looking at the mantle piece nearest me right now I've got some hand throw vases, a little grouping of t-lights, a scented candle and them wham bam 2 heads. One gold, one stone - do they make sense, kind of not but that is the point. When the light comes up a bit I will take a pic and post on facebook. I have a thing about heads or busts, who knows why modern or vintage I am always on the hunt as they are great for housing head phones (as seen below)  or sunglasses which I do here at home. damian Quirky finds can be anything - check out this pink rabbit moneybox just new into the store, how cool does he look? aa Or these amazing cowboy vases (I am obsessed right now with cowboys - but that is a whole other days postings). cowboy     Or these amazing pineapples which finally arrive back in store at the end of the week, cannot wait. a So its pretty easy no just remember if everything looks beautiful and co-ordinated it reads as a mighty big yawn and a little to predictable, if everything looks crazy if reads as silly so just introduce one or two pieces to take a room to another level. Boy I love interiors; I love how they make you feel just looking at my mantelpiece in my studio makes my instantly happy. I got asked recently by the press if I wasn’t involved in the interiors biz what would I do?  Simple says I, I would be a dectective, me and the two M's following suspects along the street in disguise or whizzing through the night in a high speed car to a stake out, very cool! Obviously if we arrested anyone and their houses weren't up to par - then we'll add on another few years jail time, but that is in my next life! By the way I’m now on pinterest big time, pinning cool images including a whole bunch of quirky accessories so follow me if you fancy being taken on a kaleidoscopic visual journey of discovery.  http://pinterest.com/abigailahern/ Happy Thursday

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