3.3o am and things are not running according to plan. The shower is running cold which is a major problem and rather than figure it out and have a plan B (kettle on the stove x 100 possibly) I stood there forever waiting for the water to warm up, cursing. Now rather than deal with the situation here I sit writing my blog and yabbering to you guys thinking I have all the time in the world when in fact I need to be out of here in 30! Never mind that I wanted to start the morning off by thanking the Sunday Times, Style magazine the extract of my book yesterday looked amazing. This is such an exciting week, with a book signing and mini master class at Anthropologie and the book actually launching on Thursday, busy crazy week. We travelled all over to shoot the book from Paris to London to NYC and all the homes although all different share a link. They push boundaries and make you think. This NYC pad below (a rental btw) is overflowing with personality. Full to the brim with fabulous things from amazing lamps sourced at eBay to this incredible selection of art. From the pop of lime in the little stool to the beautiful selection of accessories throughout the space. AngelDormer016_ 0226 What is more is that it is small, you don't however clock how small the space is when you walk through the door because you are immediately mesmerised and tantalised. You don't know where to look your senses are at once engaged and your heart starts beating faster. I could go on and I would except I have a shower problem to sort and a flight to Amsterdam I have to catch! Is the water thing an omen I ask myself (paranoid and rubbish about flying) so any slight obstacle in my way is an immediate omen on flight days! Enough already have to rush have a lovely Monday  

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