A decorating conundrum

Morning guys, I have some very exciting news. The book has shot up to the number one slot under Design & Decoration in Amazon (AND its not even out yet)! Incredible! Press coverage on it has been fabulous from Harper's to Livingetc to the amazing 5 page feature in the Sunday Times, with so much more to come and I am feeling very humbled. Thank you so much to everyone who has brought a copy of the book so far, when you work on a project you never really know how it will go down but I have to say its one of my most proudest things. I didn't want this book to be like anything else that  is out there - i wanted to push it, I wanted it to be different.- to push boundaries but at the same time make it feel very accessible. Decorating isn't about following rules -decorating is about following your heart and at the very same time daring to be a little different. There are to many seamless, co-ordinated, harmonious spaces out there that for me miss a beat. They don't raise your spirits the moment you walk through the door and they don't have a point of view. Shame on them I say, the place that should make you the happiest, support you the most, wrap its arms around you the minute you come thru the door is  your home. It's your sanctuary and your bestest friend all at the same time. Now onto my decorating conundrum - yay or nay with showcasing the TV. Some people don't mind them positioning them in plain sight - often over a fireplace with a white wall behind (kill me now)! Other people disguise them in units like sideboards or credenza's. Other people (like me) trick the eye and pop a shelf below layered with books to trick the eye, and art above so you don't at first figure it is a TV. Its a toughie the TV thing and its personal there is really no right or wrong - except when its over the mantle with a white wall behind - no getting around that its wrong, wrong, wrong.Go directly to jail! The simplest trick for anyone who has got a big TV on a wall is to paint the darn thing dark - and I'm not just saying it to convert you to the dark side. I am saying it because it no longer pops out jarringly standing out like a beacon - it gently goes away. The focus goes away from the set and back into the room which is how it should be. Trust me on this one,TV's should never dictate the vibe of a space, unless you have a  TV room that is, then do as you like! . Yes they are part of everyday life I get that but they should never be the main focus. Check out some clever ideas below:   TVThe more you put around the TV like books, art, stuff  the more you distract the attention away from it. Like here. TV2Same goes with peppering art around the TV salon style. What the eye looks at is the installation as a whole and not just the black box. TV1Disguise it completely  - fab idea no? The canvas covers the TV so no one would know its there. All images from the Wall Street Journal who did a fab article on TV condundrums. Have a lovely Tuesday I am a little weary from a long day in Holland, but nothing that a few coffees won't sort out I am sure!    

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