Open Call Monday's now taking submissions

I am extremely excited to announce that we launching a segment entitled Open Call Monday's for all designers, artists, suppliers, new, emerging and existing! With a tough economy and retailers closing down like no tomorrow its hard getting work showcased. We get approached a zillion times a day with products and its tough saying no we can't take so I want to do something about it, by showcasing and highlighting the best. If it fits our vibe we will absolutely take your work and launch it to our international database. If it doesn’t fit our vibe (and btw that means that there is nothing what so ever wrong with it) I will do my very best to kick start your career by showcasing the coolest on my blog and through my social media channels. You never know it might even launch a few careers! As much as I can I will give invaluable feedback on the products and convey what buyers are looking for. Things to consider before submitting images: Consider your price point - to cheap and you make no money (no point in that), to expensive and you alienate customers. Show variety. Often times at trade fairs I go into stands with a zillion products and only love one or two pieces. My point the more variety, the more opportunity. Think you've got what it takes? Well we're open and taking submissions, please email images to: The first selection of work will get highlighted on the blog, facebook, etc. on Monday April 15th, I can't reply to all emails so please forgive that, but I will to as many as I can. Good luck! Final point don't self doubt, us creatives are a self doubting lot  (me included). Lets end of all that here, now, today and believe in ourselves far more. Happy Tuesday very much looking forward to going through all the submissions xx  

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