Going off the grid with colour

Off to an antiques market hours out of town hence the early start. Hired a van which is always an omen I find whenever we just rock up in the car I find tons but whenever we actually hire a van I find zero. Once before when we drove to this market I got the date wrong and the air was somewhat blue all the way home. No fear of that this morning have double, treble, quadrupled checked that its today! Before I go I thought I would touch on something rather dear to my heart - colour. Not just any old colour mind, colour that makes your heart skip a beat. Today is not a day to be converting anyone over to the dark side (I need more time and more images to pitch my case) but I reckon it’s a day for pushing off radar, or off the grid hues. I say this a lot but no matter the colour of the your walls if you can push your colour palette through your furnishings or your accessories you really will take your space to the next level. Today I thought I would give red a shout out. Often feared because it’s so bright and out there I have pops of it all over my pad. It’s all down to the tonality as well - some reds look awful with some hues. Once an old member of staff had put some red and white flowers together in the store and when Gem walked in I nearly had to hand her the smelling salts to revive her (its an Ahern thing we start fainting when things visually jar our eyes) it was a ghastly combo the contrast was to great. We either feel faint or have to sit down immediately to focus the breath - not good! Anyways back to red - apart from the red and white combo (this combo will work by the way if the red is deep pinky red not tomato ish red) it’s a fab colour to be getting on board with, especially with spring (where is spring btw) right around the corner. Some images to inspire below and before I dash thank you to everyone for submitting work for our Open Call segment. I haven't had a chance to look at anything yet but I will. artxxxTo confuse you further this combo of red and pale works perfectly because first up the walls aren't  harsh bright white there is a touch of grey in them and secondly the red isn't bright bright red. The key with colour is that contrasting and jaring the eye is fabulous its just the contrast can't cause a migraine! If you look at some of the  fabulous websites by the leading florists of the world you will see some amazing contrasting hues going on (check out Wild at Heart and Saipua) its a good starting place for colour inspiration. Gotta fly Have a lovely day

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