Don't play it safe

Morning, thank you to everyone who came along to the book signing on Saturday in my store, and to everyone so far who has brought the book. The response to this second tome has been a little overwhelming and taken us all by surprise, in a very good way. I didn't want this book to play it safe - there are way to many design books that do that, just like there are way to many homes that do that. I wanted this book to be different, mirroring my interiors. I want to be different (not to be gimmicky or on trend) but because I want your heart to skip a beat when you enter my house or my store, or open my book. You won't feel that if I play it safe, infact you won't feel anything - and that's my point I want you to feel EVERYTHING. To have sleepless nights over paint colour, a vase, or wallpaper, I want to quicken your pulse rate so you feel alive, inspired, elevated. I know its only 7am - a little early for this sort of talk no? When you come along to one of my classes (either the online one starting in May) or to the master classes in London or abroad, I take you on a journey of discovery. It’s the most fabulous part of my job; the teaching part especially as we break rules and push boundaries. My job is to give you guys the confidence to go for it - whether that happens to be DIY project that you've been considering or a paint job, or re configuring a furniture layout.  I want you to think differently and not play it safe because I promise you, promise, promise, promise you its life changing!  Creating interiors that feel unpredictable, edgy and unexpected makes you feel alive! Once you start pushing it (the only way to do this by the way is considering things you normally wouldn't) your confidence grows. Yes mistakes will be made, I have made them and I do make them (bedroom wall still not up and finished so can't tell you if its a success or not quite yet) but take the plunge. Its mood altering stuff - I guess it’s a bit like suddenly discovering you like oysters or some other food you've dismissed for yonks. You'll be like, why didn't we become buddies before? Promise! [caption id="attachment_4441" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Photography Graham Atkins Hughes Photography Graham Atkins Hughes[/caption] Paris015_0261 Couple of images from the book - where colour palettes and accessories have been pushed. Tres chic!  

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