Going vintage

Morning, a very early one at that as we are off to another flea market. No van this time so you never know we might actually find something ! In my classes (online and otherwise) I spend a bit of time yabbering about the virtues of vintage. Not only does vintage help out the budget, it gives a space a different dialogue. The trick is all in the balance I find. To much vintage and rooms can feel a little one dimensional, but mixed in with some modern stuff and suddenly you're talking. Patience is the thing to remember, last week after our disastrous trip up North where we found nothing it would have been easy to thrown in the towel and give up. Today we also might find nothing but what have we lost?  A few hours sleep maybe but that is pretty much it! The big trick (and this is where people get a little put off) is if you like the shape of something go for it. Forget the colour or how it is upholstered or finished off, if  the piece resonates with the heart make a deal. For example there is no market for brown furniture, I am not talking 70's I'm talking Victorian probably, you know that dark brown shiny not so good looking stuff that you see everywhere at auctions houses and flea markets. It goes for a song. I've picked up consoles, desks, mirrors all with this finish and then - ta da sprayed them. As I bang on about endlessly the reason they look so cool once I'm done is because I have gone off radar with my colour choices. No point painting out an ornate desk in brown, black or cream - too dull. Paint it peacock teal and suddenly you are talking. Now here is the trick - with a desk boring stuff is going on it - computer, lamp, diary blah blah blah so hence the ramped up colour. However if you've got cool stuff to go on say a console or little table you might want to tie in the colour with your walls. Last week i brought a £20 small table to go in our new bedroom and I want it to go away because what I will put on it will be the star. Its all down to what is going on it basically - you can't have two many divas hanging out together believe me. One is often all you need! Right we are off, have to pick up the two M's from the bed, sound asleep and snoring (they won't be happy) and over to Kempton we go. We have an hour not much longer there as I have a full on crazy day back at the studio so hope everyone is ready for a light jog around the flea! img007smTalking of flea markets: green tub chairs £30 each, white dining chair £50, dining table £120. Pretty cool no! Happy Tuesday

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