Some Australian news and a few questions

On Tuesday 16th we are announcing dates for a brand new, super doper master class, launching in Australia first. We are again over for the shortest period of time so regrettably its only a few days, but a few days is better than zero  days. Spaces are going to be limited just to warn due to the nature of the class but I will leave that all under wraps until the big reveal next Tuesday, very excited indeed. Talking of Australia my friend Cameron Comer, founder of design company Comer + King has produced this adorable bear for charity (images below). Cam is a master at partnering textiles together and has produced a limited edition of 100 bears with all profits going to the charity TLC for kids. He only launched Barnaby this week and the response has been pretty amazing . Congrats Cam, I think Barnaby is adorable. [caption id="attachment_4454" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Photography Ralph Alphonso Photography Ralph Alphonso[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4455" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Photography by Ralph Alphonso Photography by Ralph Alphonso[/caption]     I wanted to ask you guys some questions before I fly, if you don't mind of course?  I was thinking of revamping the blog a tad, because as crazy as it will make my days I think I should do more so wanted to see what you thought. Going forward I was thinking possibly 3 posts a day - my yabbery stuff to start the day, then a cool top tip so little sound bites of advice that have really helped me out over the years relating to design of course, and then either a further peak into my life (not sure you will so enjoy that) and maybe some cool sources that I use (from all over the world of course) or a shout out to cool people, businesses that sort of stuff.  I just feel there is something missing out there is blog land. Am I the only one? There is to much (in my humble opinion) reguigitating going on, I just don't see the point.Maybe its because I have no time so what I read I want to be uselful, insightful and helpful but that could just be me. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Have a lovely day its raining but I think I might go for a run, need to clear the mind before a crazy day (and ruin the hip at the same time no doubt) but hey ho to that!

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