The secret of change and Ellen DeGeneres

quote Thank you for all your feedback yesterday regarding the blog, very much appreciated. On the weekend I plan to sit down with a cup of coffee in a sun beam (here that weather - sun please) on the terrace and go through all your answers. G who doesn't read my blog and isn't aware of half the stuff I put on there got stopped when walking the two M's by someone who said 'make sure she doesn't over do it' so he came back with a big lecture about maybe I should have consulted him first or the  team and how is it viable ... yadda, yadda, yadda. It's possible, said I  you just have to put your mind to it!  Plus I want to grow the brand, reach more people, convert everyone over to the dark side, maybe even run for president and I can't do that if the stats and the numbers remain static right! Hence my theory about more posts. Running your own business (as fabulous as it is and I so wouldn’t have it any other way) is so very hard. I don’t think anyone quite realizes the hours involved, and not hours on the fun stuff like creating new collections or scouring the globe for products, the hours pouring over stats, analyzing them, figuring out how to increase the profile, outreach etc. etc. etc. I will not bore you with it all except to say I feel I could do more and take this business way further than it is right now.  You can’t do that by sitting on your ass and doing the same old thing, you have to implement changes and go with them. If they don’t work, hey they don’t work, scrap them and think of something else. Much the same goes for decorating I have to say, this weekend the wall should be up in our bedroom. Will it work probably, but you know what if it doesn’t what have we lost, a few weekends work it’s not the end of the world! I like change; it makes you feel alive rather than the same old same old. I leave you with an image of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia’s LA pad (am obsessed with moving to LA right now) think it’s a weather thing. elen Its quite cool but its not quite right in my humble opinion – namely down to the paint colour. Imagine if my stats were huge I’m talking millions of  hits a day, I would probably have the lovely Ellen on speed dial. I could call her up and say Ellen its cool but its not working, let me pop over for the weekend with a ladder and a pot of down pipe and just wait!

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