Doing some DIY

Thank God its Monday, strange thing to say no but our weekend wasn't exactly a stroll in the park. Decorating on the hottest day of the year wasn't exactly fun especially when the doors of the new bedroom closet kept warping and hanging out at a funny fashion. Plus G and I do things in different ways; I’m the lets shove it up brigade and deal with it later and he is precision man. There were some rows. As an example I had to paint the perimeter of the new wall in black (the rest of the bedroom is a brownish pink) so all the joins to the ceiling, walls, floors had to be carefully done. Except I couldn't find a small brush (when I say couldn't find I didn't exactly look to hard I have to confess) so anyway I painted it out in a pretty large one and of course black lines spread all over the ceiling and everywhere else - argument number one. Secondly I didn't wash the brush before changing paint colour, (yes I know but its like 70 degrees outside) I wanted out of there - argument number two.  The worst part I'm not sure I love the end result, because although this part of the bedroom semi works it’s now thrown everything else off. Everything now feels  wrong I tell you - some images below for you to judge. So after slogging away for hours and me saying 'shall we take it down and rethink' it wasn't such a happy enviroment. The only thing that saved us - roast lemon chicken with crunchy potatoes, green beans and beer. Downside too much beer and I don't feel like going to Pilates this morning - not the way to start the week! In amongst all of this we are on the craziest deadline for a project, oh and one thousand apologises guys I've postponed OPEN CALL until the end of the week. I thought we might get something like 30 or 40 submissions but we have got zillions and its taken much longer than I thought to go through, so give me until the end of the week and then I'll post the first capsule collection up on all my social media sites. Also I must apologise regarding the wording on Open Call, when you submit images some highfalutin lawyer wordage comes back at you saying all images are now our copyright. What this means is you are just giving us permission to use your photographs to post on my social medial channels that is all.  I will get this changed. Do I literally have to oversee every teeny tiny part of this business? -YES is the darn answer because I was mad, mad I tell you when I saw those words! Anyway here is the bedroom going through its transition - to me  its not good enough, can't quite nail why its just bothering the heck out of me! This is where we started from:   [caption id="attachment_4466" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Phtography Graham Atkins  Hughes Phtography Graham Atkins Hughes[/caption] bed1Blocked off the fireplace with sheets of MDF to create the new closet AND Ended up with this (excuse bad photography it was late and I took on my phone).  I don't love it, might have to change the wallpaper not sure. Have got to get a new rug as the existing red one doesn't work and this cream runner is purely an example of the the route I was thinking of going down. Don't know, don't know shall sleep on it for a little bit! I think I can make it work? bed Happy Monday, lets hope! Oh by the way tickets go on sale tomorrow for our Australian master classes in Melbourne and Sydney in July. Due to our lack of time (regrettably again) numbers are limited. Final thing before I shoot (or shoot myself) did the stats from all of your wonderful feedback on the blog and social media channels (thank you so much) and 73% of you want more posts. So my plan (starting some time in May) is to increase the posts to two a day depending on my schedule , categorize everything and then have certain days when we yabber about certain things. Like DIY Mondays - only lets hope the DIY is a little more successful than this hey!  

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