Abigail Ahern

Dates for Australian masterclass now announced

I am hugely delighted to announce my latest masterclass, Decorating Outside the Lines, launching in Australia July 20th! This masterclass debunks myths, pushes boundaries and shows you how to create jaw on the floor interiors. When it comes to decorating we all want our spaces to look and feel unique and they won’t unless you go a bit rad! In this class I will be sharing my coolest decorating tips, the kind you can actually afford so in no time you'll be turning your pad into something fabulous without spending oodles of cash! This one day master class does what books, blogs and mags can’t it brings decorating to life providing you with a day long constant design feed. With New twists and transformative tips its hold onto your seat belt time. With no boundaries, barriers or rules you can create magic! Oh and the coolest part my sister Gemma (florist to the stars) will be demoing, demystifying and decoding all there is to know about flowers.  And for those of you who want any of the  bouquets seen in the class you can purchase them with a free shipping option. Hosanna! If you have been to one of the classes before you have seen nothing yet - you'll be engulfed, transported, and tantalised! We are over for the shortest time regrettably so tickets are somewhat limited. We are in Melbourne Saturday July 20th and Sydney July 21st.  Cannot wait to be back - you can purchase tickets here P.S Decorating Outside the Lines, launches in London and NYC in September.

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