New flowers are in!

Morning, a very early good morning. Off to the store with Gem to put out all the new flowers, new varieties, new products a whole load of new stuff so excuse the shortness of this post.  We hope to be have the store looking ship shape by opening time but on flower delivery day it doesn't always happen that way. I like trundling through the streets to Islington in the early morning - this whole other life goes on. Deliveries arrive to all the neighbouring stores, window cleaners clean, bakers, chiefs all busy behind the scenes before the doors open.  Gem and I up to our eyes in boxes, products wondering how we will even get open with the mess of it all - but hey. We've got plans for the flowers by the way - the whole back of the store (once my schedule calms down) will be a flower store. Plants, pots, cool vases - we sort of want it to feel a bit like a potting shed - a whole cool world going on. Gem (did I tell you) is in every Friday and Saturday now - so many people wanted her fabulous bouquets it sort of makes sense that she is there on the weekend. The only down side is that she hasn't got the time to do any for me - something I am on the case about! Anyways have to dash, back later if I get out of the store early with another post, if I don't see you tomorrow have a lovely day. x

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