Being inspired

Here's a sneak peak of the bedroom. Excuse my poor phone photography and excuse the fact that I can't show you the rest just yet as I am waiting for the last few bits (few weeks apparently)! The devil as we all know is in the details and it won't look finished until I have nailed the last few bits! bed I was looking at the photographer Max Zambelli's site (beautiful photography btw) and I happened across this pad (images below) which made me want to loosen my interiors up a bit. There is something incredibly lived in about this space, its not as stylised as my bedroom. Now I will say that I have really had to start from scratch in terms of what is going into the bedroom so   it takes time to build. Two flea market visits with zero finds doesn't really help either. However sometimes I think its good for me to come out of my comfort zone and shake things up a bit, be slightly more casual. Take these images - to some they may look a little messy and thrown together. For me I'm kind of in the middle between this kind of look and my glam sort of side - I think I lean slightly more towards the glam but then  mix in a dash of boho. That is the fab thing about interiors - there is no resting on the laurels. You never stop learning, being inspired and wanting to do better. Even when I am 90 and still blogging away I will feel the same I reckon! Photography Max Zambelli bed1 bed2 Yesterday began at 4.30 and finished at 7.30 - today is a little easier so I am happy. It’s going to be another warm one in town, everything is growing, spring is finally here (ignoring the fact that the weather is changing from tomorrow) and the two M's and I are going to take our afternoon stroll to the nursery. Apart from the fact the Mung's wants to pee up just about every plant and Maud will only walk one way there - we are going! She's a funny one Maud, she'll quite happily potter along with me to whatever destination we have in mind, but then when we about turn and she realises she's got to walk the whole way back again, she sits down! Cannot move her inch. So you'll often find me with Mung's on a lead in one hand, a bag of something (hopefully plants in the very same hand) and Maud in my arms! By the time we get home - we can barely make it past the hall, exhausted I tell you!

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