Finding your decorating wings

Decorating is mostly about confidence, sometimes occasionally it’s about luck but mostly it’s about confidence. Giving something a go and following your gut is transformative stuff.  I think where a lot of people get put off in the first place and don't wander past go is because decorating can feel somewhat unachievable and unattainable.  The trick is to break  the components down in a room rather than looking at the bigger picture. Lets say you have the basics, sofa, couple of chairs, table maybe - now in order to knock it out of the park you want to layer it up. Rugs cosy up a space like nothing else I know - Anthropologies, Urban Outfitters, auction houses, flea markets. I've been on the hunt for a large one for the bedroom for ages and had the toughest job trying to find. That was until  I figured out if I went for two smaller ones my choice opens up big time and thrown together they look like one anyways! Add into that mix cushions, lighting - layers basically and suddenly you're creating one hell of a cool space. b Another top tip - anything small that feels a little itty-bitty anchor it on a tray or platter. I've told you about this before I think but our catering company brings the most amazing food to the house on design school days using incredible slabs of slate. £3 from a hardware store no less  (cool hey). They are great for food, to use as a tray, stacked against the counter in a kitchen. Cha ching! bb Art - lots of us me included panic about art. Where to find it, how to hang it etc etc etc. But then  look at this image and  wonder why you were worrying. Hung saloon style this kind of art goes for nothing at flea markets and thrift stores and yet it adds instant personality to walls. The big trick is the hanging - if the paintings were hung in a row it would totally not work, they need that causal vibe. bbbb bbb   Talking of rows - anything-open plan in a room (as I say a million times) delights the eye. Bookshelves and shelves are great. Top Tip; don't line things up in rows (way too contrived). Instead plonk things in front of things; think 3 dimensionally as possible. The reason - well it’s all about tricking the eye. If the eye can't clock what you've done in a nano second your space will read and feel way more exciting. With interiors we want to do away with predictability - predictability is boring. But hey you don't need me to tell you that, once you start on this decorating adventure there is no going back. For me it used to be all about clothes - finding an amazing pair of shoes, jeans who knows what else used to get my heart a pounding. No more, nowadays it’s all about interiors - vases, art, cushions, door handles, and paint colours! Weird ? Maybe. All images in today's post are  from the very cool fashion blog Tales of Endearment. I should say that the homeowner April Hughes has a clothing store called Beautiful Dreamers in NYC right near her apartment. Looking at the images I am now thinking I want cool clothes and a cool interior (how possible is that). Oh  and I want to be in NYC this weekend to go take a peak!    

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