My decorating essentials

When it comes to decorating clients houses, my own included there are some items that I keep coming back to time and time again. Some of them shout TA DA, others quietly just do the job in hand and get on with it. Some of the products are from my store, some from others scattered all over. Here is  my go to list: SIDE TABLES - one of the hardest things to find and yet they make such a difference because they add those all important layers. West Elm's Martini Table is one I use whenever I have a project Stateside but they also now ship to the UK which is fabulous. Many of the side tables I source are circular for the very reason that the more circles you add to a room the more intriguing the room becomes because they break up the boxiness. Whenever you see a chair in any one of my designs not far from it you'll find a little side table for plonking a lamp, a candle, a few books. side tables MIRRORS - mirrors are fundamental to each and every room in my opinion as they expand horizons and add depth. If you can - go super size because you are doing two things, upping the style ratings and adding that element of grandeur to the space. My favourite all time mirrors are our convex ones. Had them in the store for 8 years and will continue to have them for another 80 they completely change a rooms dynamic as seen below in my pad. Abbi012_0273 RUGS - not the easiest thing in the world to source but they elevate a space like nothing else I know. Check out Urban Outfitters and  Anthropologie  rug rug2 FLOWERS - lastly but most importantly flowers. These little guys transform anything and everything, dining tables, side tables, consoles and mantles. One of the reasons I am so obsessed with our faux flowers is because they last for ever. Once you get bored of them in one room rotate to another. Although having said that I've had the same flowers on my mantle piece of yonks. Its reduced my fresh flower budget by two thirds so now at Columbia on a Sunday I just buy a little posy for the bedroom table and the dining table and that is me done! flowersThese beautiful peach roses aren't on our site yet as they just came in, they will be soon they are on the ever expanding do to list! Happy Thursday (day 4 of gluten/sugar free plan and not quite so happy - but there you go)!  

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