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New Collection coming out for Debenhams

I am so excited to be able to tell you guys about my latest venture - a collection for Debenhams! I have wanted to tell you for ages and now I can.  My autumn/winter collection will be in 100 of Debenhams stores and online of course from September. Imagine the coolest selection of lighting, vases etc. cannot wait to show you, but it hasn't even been photographed yet so I can't.  It’s the coolest thing I have done and I am so very proud,  and the team at Debenhams are amazing!  From designing a capsule collection of lighting and tableware to a 30-piece A/W collection for a major retailer is a dream come true. I think when the collection goes in the stores I will be camping outside of the Oxford Street branch desperate to go see it. So today's post is a little mentoring one. If you have a dream follow it, it might take a while (took me at least 6 years until things started turning around). You will stumble and self doubt and things will go wrong big time. You will question why are working all the hours under the sun for little in return, you will worry and at times want to jack it all in. Don't give up is all I can tell you. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth; hard work is the only thing that has gotten us to where we are, nothing else! Exactly the same principles apply to decorating. You will go wrong particularly if you embrace my style of decorating. One of the reason's I think that so many people play it safe is because safe decorating is easy to achieve.  I sort of think of it as decorating by numbers nothing makes you gasp, takes your breath away and keeps you routed to the spot. It's nice but its not life changing. My way of thinking is that in life like in decorating you've got to push it, yes it will go wrong (particularly if you are going dark, because sometimes when you put up a colour it will feel so bad). Been there one hundred times over, don't give up, don't because when you've figured out why its gone wrong and you change colour, the next hue will throw that interior out of the park. The fab thing about pushing things is that you feel alive – there is no happy medium – it either  works and its amazing or its terrible and mirgrane inducing. Happy Friday! Below an interior that I wanted to show you guys, yes it's pale so it may seem a surprising choice for me but even though I give neutrals a hard time when you push neutrals to a whole different level by using a plethora of pattern and colour, cool things start to happen. The house in question belongs to the artist Kirra Jamison's and is in the latest edition of Inside Out Magazine you can see the whole house story here: a By the way for anyone doing the online course the remaining part of Module Two gets published today. Oh and I thought we would have a twitter chat next week,  we will email you guys the details shortly ( its a bank holiday here in England on Monday so back Tuesday). To my class don't worry about the bank holiday, Module 3 will be up on Monday and I'll be checking into the forums and answering any questions that I can xx

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