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Morning, what an amazing weekend weather wise. We spent the majority if it in the garden - spreading bags of manure, sprinkling bottles of miracle grow  over plants that need to grow asap to block out neighbours hideous build at the back of the garden and generally pottering around. G mentioned that as we now have 6 seating areas throughout the garden, might I stop? Possibly but they all serve different purposes. Under the fig at the back of the garden to catch the first rays of sun with breakfast (when I say breakfast these days I'm talking a spinach juice and a few nuts -  over in  a second)! Then there is the trestle under the bamboo in the shady part where I can work. Then we have two reclining Ikea things near the jasmine near the wood pile - Maud and I like to sit here for afternoon coffee. Then there's the chairs around the fireplace,  the table on the terrace oh and a bijou little table for two under the lilac (alternate coffee spot if its too hot in the sun). The thing about gardening in my book is exactly the same thing about decorating it needs layers. If you clock your garden or balcony or roof terrace in an instant it reads as boring. Whereas if you have quite a bit going on it tantalises the eye and intrigues it because it doesn't quite know where to look. I've picked up old tables from flea markets, apple crates which I upturn and use as outdoor coffee tables along with a smattering of chairs some of them modern, some of them country rustic. Lumps of old wood double duty as occasional tables to put t-lights on and wicker planters from Burgon and Ball add another element to the garden. We got a builder to build an outdoor fireplace from old brick not actually as expensive as feared - basically two days labour (£300) as we had the brick over from bricking up the basement. If you don't have a garden then window boxes are fab in two ways, firstly they look pretty cool and secondly they help draw your eye outside of the room making it appear larger than it really is. Some images below to inspire: windowboxLove this window box, infact anything that's rambling and tumbling I am automatically drawn to. me4I do this alot, use chunks of wood as occasional tables to plop t-lights - very cool! me3Love this outdoor fireplace, when you have one you want to decorate like a living room, coffee tables, flowers, occasional tables etc etc. Very cool. me1My all time favourite image, Miss Maud hanging out in our coffee spot (shot by Todd Selby). Right then I have to get ready, big day today we are shooting my Debenhams collection, debuting September 2013. I am surrounded by a zillion cool things, accessories to basically knock you're pad out of the park!  Wish I could show you a few but I'm guessing I might be killed and then who knows how the two M's might be brought up! Late nights, pizza beer,  bad TV, no school, no enforced bed times - cannot stand the thought! Happy Tuesday

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