Abigail Ahern

Pin it Forward

I  am excited to share with you this morning Pinterest's Pin It Forward Campaign.  Pinterest is ramping up its international strategy by reaching out to other communities in other countries - the first one being the UK, which is hugely exciting. From today there is a new British English language setting, plus improvements making it easier to find UK content.  I am the biggest fan of Pinterest not only can I get to see beautiful images at the click of the button which inspire all sorts of projects it cuts down research time. In the olden days I would trawl through magazines pull out tears, flag them and stick them in a file - now I just grab an image off the web, plonk it on my board and wham bam its done. It you're looking for inspiration or if you're in a conundrum with your decorating decisions pinterest will become your best bud. It’s hugely addictive as well just to worn, but for anyone curious, passionate or into design it’s one of the coolest platforms. Of course its not just boards on interiors that inspire - there are some amazing food boards, travel, fashion you name it.

But back to interiors and Pinterest it’s totally great for finding things that are a little hard to nail. Like art for instance. As a buyer its one of the hardest things to source, and personally I find it one of the hardest things to actually find. Which is why I am excited to share with you Saatchi’s online gallery. They have some incredible boards on Pinterest (just started following them) with art up for as little as £100. Cool no?

Happy Friday – oh and follow me on Pinterest if you fancy, I've just created a cool board on breaking the decorating rules!






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