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Morning, forgive the slightly later posting - had the deepest sleep for ages which was rather incredible since I had Mung's snuggled between my legs and Maud snuggled in the crook of my arm and I couldn't move an inch. Think it must be the new linen bedding from Merci and a slightly open window letting the coolest sweetest smelling air into the bedroom! Today if you don't mind I have some questions for you guys as I am in a bit of a dilemma. Firstly my crazy schedule means that the Design School will be stopping over the summer the last ones being in June. Huge shame I know but I just can't juggle the schedule to make them fit in (btw if you are thinking of coming along there are only a few spaces left on the June dates). The good thing though is that they will be coming back with a bang in September, new content, new workshops and a whole different way of looking at interiors. And so here is my dilemma - I get asked a fair bit about doing half-day classes - do you guys think they are a good idea?  Rather than a full day a 3 hour morning or afternoon session held in my pad obviously priced according so £75 - with the option of staying for lunch, or later on in the afternoon for champagne and snacks? What do you think - would you prefer a whole day or a half day?  I am too much involved in the whole process to make a decision so thought I might ask you guys if you don't mind? Secondly I am changing the blog around in the next few weeks and as its been such amazing fun having a forum with my Online class, tossing around ideas, learning about peoples fears, seeing before and afters of their spaces I thought I would put a forum on the blog. That way we can all get to see what each of us is doing, encourage, help out, congratulate, and connect that sort of thing. When people come to the classes in my pad they often keep in touch, meet for coffee, loop us in with photos and so forth, exactly what is happening over on the forum. As that forum shuts down in the next month I thought it would be such a shame to loose it as its been fab for me seeing this community of kindred spirits. So what do you think? Finally last night I had a Twitter chat with my on line class, I've got another one this morning at 9.30 and it was so much fun which made me think once a month I want a twitter chat - obviously I would time it for different zones around the world as we have a big following in Australia and America but I didn't realise until the online class got underway just how much I enjoy the whole community spirit of the web - something I haven't really thought about before. We are all scattered all over the world, going about our days, doing our thing but regularly on a forum or once a month on twitter I think it would be really cool for us all to connect. You never know we  might even encourage more people to cross over, convert, and push boundaries. Whadda you think?

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