Making DIY cool

Thank you to everyone who posted in comments yesterday - consider the forum a go! Am juggling around with the blog a bit so hope to have all these changes up in the next few weeks. I think it will be great having a forum and connecting! Also another big thank you to everyone, who signed up and has taken the online design class, today is the last day. It is because of you guys actually that I suddenly realised how fabulous a forum will be because I have gotten so much out of looking at your work, commenting, advising, feeling part of the team and so thank you again. I thought I would talk a little about DIY this morning a subject pretty close to my heart -which is surprising because I am not the best handywoman in town nor do I have any sort of patience. I want everything done now, in an instant and looking fabulous! Plus DIY gets a bad wrap, sneered on by many in the field (design is a snooty old business you know) but I like knocking all those predisposed assumptions on the head. Bit like faux flowers and pot pouri – the more people turn up their noses the more determined I am to dy mystify– weird hey! When budgets are restricted (actually even when they are not restricted) creating something yourself gives you the most enormous amount of pleasure and saves you mega bucks. I have a problem with spending any money or anything boring - cupboards, kitchen units, wardrobes hate it - I want to spend my money on the cool stuff. Or in my head I see things that I can't find in any store or market so then I make them (when I say we that is the Royal we btw)! This could be as simple as finding some junk furniture and painting or spraying a fab colour (paint being the most transformative thing you can do to anything). The trick as I will say until I am 90 and you are bored to death of me is to push the colour palette - do that and you take any piece to the next level. e My younger sister had  the brilliant idea of turning an old table she found in a flea into a bed head, cost next to nothing and yet it has given her room a totally rustic boho vibe. This isn't her bedroom below found it on pinterest but next time I'm there will take a few pics to show you guys. e2So I say we should embrace DIY a bit more, I'm talking lazy Sunday afternoon kind of DIY not something that takes a week (correction a month) like the blasted wardrobes in my bedroom. First of all you save mega bucks and secondly you give you home a totally unique vibe - a good thing in my book! Happy Wednesday - (can you be happy when its blowing a gale is freezing cold and you have to pedal to Pilates at 6.15? Am thinking not!

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