Talking plants

Forgive yesterdays lack of post - it was an early changing the store around kind of  day. Juggled things around inside but the really exciting bit is we have now utilised the front of the store so it looks like a mini plant station.  Our fab moss dogs sit alongside big fat real hydrangea, beautiful little plants for outside tables (dark dark chocolate brown) hang out with our faux fig and branches of faux apples sit in a great big urn. Love it!  Both Gem and I were getting rather frustrated with the planting choices out there - I live a stone's throw from Columbia which I adore but got very frustrated with not being able to find the odd cool thing for my outdoor tables.  Gem had the same problem finding all the garden centres near here way to dull - so we figured we would do our own bijou little plant station. Combining two things we are passionate about (no 3 things). Layering - the more layers you put on tables (think things in front of things) the more interesting; Scale marrying plants that are so big with plants that are so small, and finally texture. We've wrapped bark around pots, we've got oodles of different textures going on and I said to Gem yesterday 'I now want to open a nursery'! There is the biggest gap on earth out there - planting choices are stuck in the Stone Age, I don't get it! We don't all want pansies, and mixed combinations (my most hated thing I hate to say). Anyways I digress some images inside the store and out, hope you like. y yyyyyyyyy Have a lovely weekend it’s a working one but then I need a bit of kicked backness on Sunday like  pottering, cooking from Gwyneth, gardening that kind of thing. Oh and did I tell you last week I planted faux allium's in the earth, which sounds nut I realise but its kind of looking super sweet now, if the sun comes out over the weekend I shall take a picture  and show you. Not that I think the sun knows where England is anymore! xx

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