Thinking differently

I was reading  an interview with Vittorio Radice in the latest issue of Elle Decoration and he said something that totally resonated. It went something like this 'people  don't make mistakes that often because they don't take risks '. How true is that I thought to myself, its far easier to stay on the fence,, decorate within the lines of convention than to push things. I am pretty sure its one of the reasons  that we see so many similar  looking spaces all over the world. Decorating differently is not about being gimmercky or on trend, or hot or not hot its about being curious, curious enough to push boundaries and see what happens.   I decorate differently because the moment I walk through my door my spirits raise, no matter how late, how tired, how tough the day -  my spirits lift. Fundamentally however I want my space to feel sophisticated, not bonkers, I want a bit of an edge but its a slight edge because I couldn't relax,hang out, wind down in a space that screamed craziness at me all day long. So its a fine line and maybe along the way you might make the odd mistake like Vittorio, like me but the trick is to get back on the wagon immediately, rectify whats gone wrong and move on.Don't focus or linger on whats gone wrong put it out of your mind and move immediately on. I came across these images taken by Max Zambelli of an apartment that pushes it. Some of you may like others may think its gone to far but the thing about decorating our homes is that we should just do it for ourselves. Forget the Joneses, forget extended family, forget the neighbours decorate for you and your family. Do that and I am pretty sure you will never want to leave. a aan aaa    

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