Decorating Paralysis

Morning - today I am flinging open the doors of my pad for our retail master class. Once every 4 or 5 months I hold such classes breaking down every little business trick I've learnt along the way; the good, the bad and the ugly! People arrive all excited and then leave thinking I'm never ever going into retail! I'm Kidding! I don't want to put anyone off opening a store bricks and mortar or otherwise, the more the merrier I say there are not enough in my humble opinion. I just impart all the knowledge that I've learnt along the way so you guys can go into it with eyes wide open unlike me who went into with eyes well and truly shut! So the day is very much like one big fat tool box, pick and choose from it what you will - and nothing makes me happier when I get emails from past pupils with details about their new ventures up and running and steaming ahead! As I mentioned the other day it’s far easier to sit on the fence, bumble along with life, with ideas with plans rather than actually ever implementing them or doing anything about them.  Be that a career change, a personal change or simply a change of wall colour.  All I would say is this - life is short, super short so live it to the max. Its easy to get wrapped up in the day to day - I do all the time, and not think about the bigger picture - but the true secret to success at home in life is thinking big but acting small! Shall I go into therapy do you think - kind of quite like this self-motivating stuff? Every great thing starts with one small step; the trick  is taking the long view whilst implementing the small steps! So think big but remain humble, hungry and hands on on the front line, do that and you will succeed in creating your dream home or creating your dream business. Talking of creating your dream home you can absolutely have one whether you've living in a shoebox rental or a palace because the best bit about style is that its got not a thing to do with money! Its got more to do with ‘decorating paralysis (forgive me by the way for taking way to long to get to the point). If it all feels overwhelming start small as I mentioned above but think big. Break the room down and tackle section by section. A tiny alcove for example (think shelves, think art) a long expanse of wall (think wallpaper maybe, think layers – table, mirror, lamp, succulents and so on and so on). You can shop cheaply by going vintage; you can customise what you have by revamping. Restrictive budgets can make us more creative rather than less! Lets not forget paint - one of the cheapest most transformative things you can do - just see what its done to this fab bijou Parisian bathroom.   Paris004_0060Oh and if you need a little creative boost I’ve added a whole ton of images to my pinterest boards – happy decorating.

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