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A very big thank you to everyone who attended my Retail Class on Friday - it was a fabulous day with a very inspiring bunch of people. Also I know I've got a zillion comments to respond to but thought I would do that after I've written this and whizzed to my early morning Pilates session which always sounds like such a good idea when I book it until reality strikes! Right then to kick start Monday morning and to inspire us all to decorate more not less I thought I would show you some before and afters of a fabulous apartment belonging to the interior designer Nate Berkus. I bang on about layers all the time, the more layers the more intrigue and these images will show you why.When it comes to decorating and creating something jaw on the floor  and pretty darn drool worthy the only thing stopping us is our imagination. If you're in a rut then Pinterest is a fab resource, cool magazines around the globe are a fab resource, books are a great resource - pull, grab, post it note images that inspire you, jot down why they inspire you and then take the plunge! Lets go see what Nate has done - we're begin with his kitchen. So as you will see from the image below its a rather depressing space but rather than rip the cabinets out Nate has kept the existing cabinetry and countertops and painted them out. Paint is the (repeat the) most transformative thing you can do to any room! A different splash back, a change of paint colour and door pulls just look at the difference. nate5 nate 6 The family room screams layers and does what every cool room on the planet should do in my opinion it tantalises the eye because you don't know where to look. The other thing worth pointing out is that this space isn't especially big but its been decorated as if its the hugest apartment in Manhattan. Furniture isn't small scale or plonked around the perimeter, you can tell the person living here has confidence and the ability to think outside the box  a little! natenate1 Another shot of the living room where rugs skim over rugs, furniture is placed in the center of the room and layers abound. nate3 nate4Pretty inspirational no? Its the reason I am so obsessed with interiors, taking a room from drab and dull as anything to this just comes to show what you can do with a bit of imagination! Happy Monday

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