Tips for renters

Overslept and missed Pilates god dam!  Presuming I must have needed the sleep so will try and not beat myself up -  much! I thought this morning we might have a peak into the designer Jimmie Martin and photographer Rick Schultz’s pad as it pretty much encapsulates what decorating is all about. Personality! Not only that its a RENTAL one of the reasons I am drawn to it even more because even if you are renting you don't need to compromise on making a home feel like a home. We lived in a rental when we relocated to the States with a whole list from the landlord of what we could and couldn't do. Thought I was actually going to slit my wrists the time the meeting ended - no banging in nails, no painting blah blah blah. I ignored it - sorry but if you want me to stay sane and be happy for the next few years I've gotta paint and I've got to have art on the walls - obviously we painted it back and patched any holes when we left but really - these restrictions drive me mad! Home has got to feel like home, somewhere you are desperate to come back to at the end of the day and somewhere you don't want to leave at the beginning of the day. These guys’ mix and match with panache, you're find part Ikea, part flea market part Jimmie's designs. It’s a big lesson I think in pushing boundaries, adding those unexpected twists that you normally would not expect to find in a rental! In a nutshell its paint. Paint, paint paint - the most transformative thing you can do to anything, followed by some unexpected twists - namely accessories. Cool cushions, the odd burst of zingy yellow unexpected bursts and shots to tantalise the eye!jimIts all about the layers. How cool is the collection of finds on top of the cabinets - it totally elevates the kitchen to new heights. A bar in the center of the floor - why not! jim1Open plan storage (fab for rentals) delights the eye and the cool cushions add that unexpected twist! jim3Super sized chandelier art on the walls, a hodge podge of styles are hanging out together brilliantly. jom2 Bravo I say! Happy Tuesday

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