Creative ways to get your jaw on the floor!

Morning I thought I would talk floors this morning as they are one of the largest most important components in the decorating game! Most people don't worry about floors so much, biege wall to wall carpet sound familar?However I want to highlight just how important they are for turning a scheme around - they are actually one of the game changers in my decorating bag of tricks. My aim is to keep you staring at the ground but at the same time intriguing you with a decorating scheme that lifts your jaw off the floor so that you feel immediately uplifted, and intrigued. I want to challenge your brain in ways that it wouldn't usually experience when walking into a home and one of the easiest ways I do that is to push it with the flooring. There are a zillion routes to go down when it comes to flooring my only word of advice is to introduce some pattern, because pattern elevates your space to a whole other level. Think of it as I say so often like a herb, it adds a whole different dynamic. On plain floors i.e. painted floor boards or wall to wall carpeting, consider skimming with area rugs.  Make sure they have an element of pattern otherwise your space could end up feeling like a one of these bland hotel chains - mentioning no names! Some cool rugs to wet the appetite: 13AlexanderSt04_14 fl If budgets are squeezed make paint your best friend - either paint a pattern on the floor or get creative. Below are a few super cool examples of painted floors. floor YardleyStreet011_0176If budgets are squeezed then go down the electrical tape or decal route - pretty darn cool no? flor Now we've nailed the floor we just have to make sure the rest of the room is as equally as TA DA - otherwise you run the risk of the eye darting straight to the floor with everything else paling into insignificance. But that is for another day as they say. Must mention before I go the last Design Class until the Fall has just gone live, its held on July 12th - all the other ones in June are fully sold out I hate to say so if you are thinking of coming along its best to book early as spaces are limited. Have a lovely day

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