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As I mentioned yesterday its all change on the blog from next Tuesday with a different format and more content. Once a week I will be (as briefly explained yesterday) running a feature called Style Surgery. So if you have any decorating dilemma's concerning a particular room or certain area email in and I will do my best to solve. I can only handle one per week (a few more if its a light week, but light weeks are a thing of years ago), can't remember the last time I actually twiddled my thumbs. The email address again is Open Call is back so if you have a product that you think rocks, email us at and once a fortnight I will highlight and put across my social media channels. The real aim of Open Call is to highlight and give a platform to new designers, its tough in the market place right now, we get tons of people coming in to the store with stories of how they can't get anyone to take notice of their products - so hopefully this will resolve that slightly.  If I can help you guys out then it makes me happy because I for one wouldn't like to be starting over in this climate! Anything that I totally love and works with our aesthetic I will stock in the store (I may love but it might not work with the collection so I can’t take everything). Talking of which not so long ago a totally cool artist submitted her work to Open Call, I brought one of her paintings and her work is about to go online. More on her and that next week! Other features include - my curated edited list of the coolest products from around the globe, decoding or taking the mystery out of arranging, mixing, combining colours - the sort of questions I am asked alot! Oh and a forum finally a forum where we can all post images of our pads, comment interact and try and convert everyone across to the dark side. You can of course post images that aren't dark - I will not grumble I promise! I loved the forum we had for the online class and the community spirit, learning off each other and so forth so I think it will be a rather cool thing to have don't you? I'll still be yabbering every morning - there is even a section called yabbering (rather love that word along with the words schlepp which I use alot from my American days and shluit which means puddle in Hebrew, which I don't use alot since I'm not Jewish but I like that word)!   I'm digressing I'll leave you with this image of a super cool art wall,  made even cooler with the addition of the bright green table. The home in question belongs to Angel Dormer who has the coolest pad in NYC (photograph Graham Atkins Hughes). So starting next week my source book of where to find cool stuff from rugs to panelling, mirrors to door handles to art. Think it could be a lot of fun! AngelDormer017_ 0237 Happy Thursday

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