Adding an edge

Morning thought I would be short, sweet and to the point with today's post. I have twisted my knee somehow during the night and right now cannot walk on it so feeling frustrated and annoyed, and rather sorry for myself because today is not the day to have an ailment! I love sophisticated interiors, but I also adore interiors that go just that extra mile and have a bit of an edge. You can add this so called edge pretty much through anything. Some badass choice of paint colour, some oddball accessory or art. Anything goes, the trick is to reign it in so its only one or two pieces that are off kilter and edgy that way your space won't feel crazy it will  feel beautiful but with a twist. So the image below, packs a few punches - colour and pattern abound and yet it’s the art that kind of takes it to the next level. Art I have to say is one of the easiest ways of adding intrigue especially if its not conventional, but having said that I've got some accessories that do the very same thing as does paint. It’s worth pointing out that we're not adding an edge to be gimmicky or on trend, No Sir, we adding an edge because we are curious, passionate and sort of mixologists. We’re pushing convention to see where it takes us, and in so doing find it not only elevates our interiors it elevates our spirits and makes us happier at the very same time.  Double plus! One thing I know about this interiors biz is that you never stop learning, or wanting to elevate and try new things. domainehome Talking of new things did you know that the Ace Hotel is coming to London, opening Fall 2013 Shoreditch High Street which is practically around the corner should I be able to walk again!

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