Decorating around a flat screen

So where are we on the TV thing?  As a designer some clients want me to hide it completely others want a huge thing on a white wall dominating the space (give me 5 here whilst I run to the loo and pop about a dozen Prozac, and then you can have whatever you want)! So it’s personal and as its personal I will talk from my very own perspective - for me they are an eyesore. I couldn't be in a room where they dominate I would feel on edge uncomfortable and not at all happy - but I am an odd one (I recognise that which is half the battle solved).  So lets try and figure out ways to decorate around them seeing as they are a part of everyday life! Number one major trick -camouflage the wall behind the TV with a dark colour or dark finish. This is probably the most transformative thing you can do because by painting it out dark the TV will no longer ping out at you. Doesn't have to be black - brown, blue, charcoal any dark hue will do the job. TV1 Number two - add black accents. If it scares you to paint the wall out behind the TV black (which it shouldn't btw since its only paint) add smaller black accents around the room. The odd black occasional table, pillows that sort of thing because what this does is bounce the eye around. When you walk into a room your eye will not automatically go to the flat screen - genius no? TV3 Number three - Add more than one focal point. If your TV is large then wham bam without really knowing it you've got on your hands on mighty ugly focal point. We need to district the eye further and add more focal points. A cool rug, an oversized piece of art, an amazing lamp so again that eye (or eyes we all have 2 right) will be dazzled, intrigued and unable to focus on anyone thing as its being pulled in so many different directions. This helps to diminish the TV as the main focal paint. Super clever! Two images below to inspire - an art wall and built in bookcase both work equally well. TV tv4 I should say that these very same points go for anything ugly you want to hide or camouflage like ugly rads or a big old AC/heater. Tie in the wall colour to  whatever bothers you (or paint out) and then add stuff to distract the eye. Donezo! Back later with a bite size chunk of design brilliance - can I say that, hey ho I just did. Actually I'll be delving into my little black book and revealing some cool products and books that I am obsessing over x

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