A DIY project to inspire

I say this many times over but when it comes to DIY I want to create things that look the bees knees.  Pieces that you look at twice and ask me where on earth I got them. So anything crafty, pastel ish, girly or pretty is out. It has to look serious, glam and like it costs the earth and I’ve just trucked it in from the coolest gallery in Berlin. A big ask you may think – but actually not so much! I came across this from domainehome.com. These guys took some polaroid’s blew them up and then plonked them in simple frames. It doesn’t have to be polaroid’s you can enlarge anything that takes your fancy. A cool tear from a magazine, a cover of an arty book, the trick I think is to keep it arty. Whichever way you go landscapers, sketches, prints it doesn’t really matter the trick I reckonn is to make your walls look like they’ve just raided the Saatchi gallery! rug5

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