Decoding Living Rooms

Slap bang in the middle of Design School with a lovely bunch of people who are on lunch break so I’m sneaking out to spend a second on decoding living rooms. Why do some work and some don’t? What’s the trick? How do you make them stylish, comfy and not at all museum like? Let me tell. From all my years in the biz I will try in a nutshell to break down the most memorable ones I have seen and why they work. Now I mentioned this the morning but if you super size something in a room, say a painting, a lamp, a mirror it will automatically change the feel of the space and elevate it to a level you can hardly believe. It’s a game changer I promise you. cPattern is key, pattern is like a herb every room needs pattern in small doses in big doses it doesn’t matter how much you add just add. Cushions, wallpaper, rugs, the odd vase whatever it takes. ca2 Not so long ago I went somewhere that was pretty whisky inducing. Two sofas nothing on them, uptight in feel they gave the room the vibe of a doctors waiting room. They actually and you may not believe this stunted conversation – conversation left me so did the will to live. So if you’re furniture looks uptight your room will look uptight. If you don’t accessorize them and make them feel squishy, comfy snugly then that effects the whole vibe of the room. CA4Won’t obviously divulge names but there is no way we’re going back. Maud was actually flinging herself at the door to escape – I kid you not. It even affected the kids!

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