Questions to ask before committing

Morning wanted to start the day by thanking everyone who attended the Design Classes over the weekend; I had such a lovely time.  Everyone was so funny and inspiring it whizzed by in a second. Even though I had a mini crisis on Saturday morning just as everyone was arriving. We had a life size camel arrive on Friday and he took the whole store out so there were a lot of frantic phone calls on how to re gig him, the store everything. That, I have to say is the trouble when you fall in love you don't think from the head and you certainly don’t think practically  (i.e. is he too large, will he obscure half the product blah blah blah) you think from the heart and suffer the consequences. Did I measure? Hello I’m in love who cares about measuring - I want this camel!  More on him, and the artist who made him later in the week.  If you happen to be passing the store any time soon he will knock you're socks off! Promise, he is the coolest most handsome camel I have seen EVER, ever ever ever! Down to business - today I thought I might concentrate on one of those big-ticket items that we occasionally have to purchase now and again - the sofa. It’s quite a serious investment buying a sofa unless you are lucky enough to pick one up at a flea market or auction house. Budget dictates what we buy, style has a voice also; comfort plays a large part its hair pulling stuff. All I would say is that its OK to have a fling with various styles when it comes to accessories or smaller pieces of furniture like mid-century modern or country rustic but you can't be having a one nighter with a sofa! Sofas being often times the largest piece in the room will to a degree set the tone. A couple of cool sofa shapes and styles to inspire: ssA rather cool looking sofa don't we think? The colour is amazing! Its the Murphy sofa by Room and Board, relatively inexpensive and perfect if you're starting out sofa2This is certainly not a starting out sofa but I adore it, its the Nuvola sofa by Gervasoni. house 7 Me hanging out at home with Maud on my George Smith sofa which I adore. It wasn't cheap but I've had it for ages! Still in  a conundrum with all the choices out there - then ask yourself these serious questions before committing. Are you and your sofa compatible? Are your interests similar will you get on no matter how tough the day or fab the day? Can you see yourself with this sofa in the future? Big ask I know but its best to think about these things early! Don't let the superficials get in the way, eye candy is good but it shouldn't distract you from the less exciting comfort factor? Maybe I should rename today's post - questions to ask yourself before getting into a relationship? If you're starting out then you don't need to drill down so much, a starter sofa will do the trick for a couple of years, but if its an investment piece then these questions need answering. I've gone down all routes. Found the coolest chairs and sofas at fleas but I've also brought the wrong type of sofa (followed heart not head) which I paid a lot for. I've been burnt (who hasn't) but I've learnt my lesson. I will follow my heart a smidge but these days my head is in charge! Back later with another post, see you then x

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