New Flowers sneak peak

Our new flowers are about to go on line asap but I wanted to show you guys a few sneak peaks of some of the lifestyle shots we put together. Very much influenced by Dutch seventeenth century artists like Vermeer I wanted the  images to feel incredibly  painterly, artistic but fundamentally sophisticated. My plan as always to dispel all  those snooty myths regarding faux flowers. Two shots below, photographed by my good bud and amazing photographer Graham Atkins Hughes. Hope you like x flowers flower2 By the way did you guys know that typically Vermeer used no more than 5 or 6 colours in his paintings, I had no idea until recently, but  the very same principles apply to interiors - the more restricted the palette the more intriguing the space. I'm on blogging fire today - what with can't fail tips on picking the right sofa, tricks on how to style like a pro,   sneak peaks of our new faux's plus some painterly insider info on  Vermeer, who knew I had it in me!

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