Creative bedroom ideas

Bedrooms are not the easiest rooms to get right. They suffer if I can go so far as saying from bland room syndrome. We spend a lot of time money and thought on living rooms, kitchens even bathrooms yet the bedroom is often left bare painted out in a sterile beige haze of nothingness with not a lot else going on. I've struggled with mine (and that is putting it politely) until recently it felt sterile and somewhere I would never linger in longer than necessary. Now it’s my sanctuary - I run here when the day gets to crazy just for a moments peace to recalibrate the mind. I hang out on the weekend flicking through the papers I love it. There are a few tricks in getting bedrooms right - namely because the bed takes up the largest amount of space we have got to throw the eye off of it. No matter how cool the bed or the linen we need other things for the eye to alight on in order for the brain to feel intrigued and delighted. So some ideas below: bed The game changer for me was the rug. My rugs  added  an element of luxury and glamour that I never even dreamt of. They have anchored the room, set the tone and getting out of bed every morning, toes touching fluffy beautiful rugs is amazing. Little tip as I say almost daily now -  if you can go for a rug with some element of pattern in it no matter how subtle it will add instant pizzazz. Rugs in solid hues can drain a room’s energy a bit like carpets. If you've got carpets no worries there , skim the odd rug over them, the American's do it all the time and it looks amazing. Will post images of my bedroom shortly we've just done the photography so can't wait to show you. Up the anty on lighting. Somehow we have to balance practical task lights for reading, grooming etc. with some mood altering atmospheric lighting. The more decorative atmospheric lighting you add the cooler your space will look - oh and if you can supersize the odd thing even better, suddenly without realising it you've added an instant Alice in wonderland note. Gold star to you! Bedside tables are another game changer. Don't match if possible and up the anty by varying the heights of them. I tend to avoid beside tables and instead use occasional tables, as they are higher than standard ones giving my space that unexpected twist. However having said that there are some cool ones around like this beauty below (Matteograssi Versus from DDC, NYC). The more you don't match though the more intriguing your space will look. bed2 Up grade your walls with art and with paint. Can I possibly persuade you to go dark, pale hues are so boring in bedrooms.  Converting across to something a little sinister, edgy even will change how you sleep forever. Way more peacefully (I reckon like an angel) , you’ll only dream lovely dreams, since your mind isn’t depressed by the pale hue. Am I over doing it? Feel like I am so will quit whilst I am ahead! Finally for bits and bobs, loose change, glasses and jewellery little itty-bitty things store in bowls or trays. Firstly it will make the space feel less cluttered; secondly it anchors them and makes them feel more considered. bed1 That’s me done, back later with a post on my forum and a few sneak peak into some of the amazing houses you guys have been putting up there. See you in a bit x

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