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I wanted to do a shout out this afternoon about my Forum. Firstly I want to thank all those who have joined the group and become members and secondly I wanted to highlight some of the amazing houses you guys have. Quirky totally individual and rocking bags of style. Check out these rooms below ( a very small sample I should say): Forum1 I love how this forum has become such a great platform to share, inspire,  show before and afters, swap sources, advise and basically connect. I dip into it most days and love seeing a whole heap of new interiors, questions, sneak peaks.  For anyone who has been to the classes over the years in London, NYC or Australia I would love for you guys to post images of anything you’ve changed, tweaked or been inspired to do. Decorating differently can be scary stuff but  I think the great thing about this Forum is that it totally inspires. There are some super cool rooms on there, thank  you guys so much for sharing. I should also say that you guys inspire me as much as I (at least I hope I do) inspire you! Seeing all your fab rooms on the forum lifts my spirits to the utmost degree. I love having this community it feels no matter where in the world we reside we have this common bond. I’ll be popping over in a bit to comment, admire  advise wherever I can. See you there. If you are having trouble joining our group - some indepth details here  

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