Stress free ways to revamp your pad

Did you know (I didn't until yesterday) that four out of five of us have a room in need of redecorating! Me included - top floor room over looking the garden doubling up as the dumping ground.  The article that I was reading went on to say the reason is that all too often the decorating process is a stressful one, causing a lot of anxiety, hair pulling etc. so we tend to put if off. With questions zooming around our heads like how will we ever find the perfect piece or afford the perfect piece we tend to put it off. So below you will find some speedy ways to revamp your pad that firstly won't cost the earth and secondly will get your decorative juices flowing! The devil is in the detail so sweet the small stuff. Rather than focusing on that amazing piece of marble for kitchen counter tops, or that cool reading chair that you can't afford focus on the details. People stop decorating too soon in my book yet it’s the details that transform a room. Even if you don't have the exact pieces you ideally want in each and every room do not worry.  Once you nail the details you're focusing the eye all over the place. So in no particular order - mirrors add them they are a decorator’s best friend adding depth, expanding horizons, reflecting light throughout with their magical notes. Then add cushions, throws, votives, lamps, books all those finishing touches that will enliven the space in a flash of a second. Floors - being the foundation of your home and setting the tone if you like flooring is a game changer. A fresh coat of paint on boards, a rug skimming a carpet you are not keen on will revamp and refresh the space big time. Don't be afraid to DIY, start small to get your confidence up (spray a frame, paper a table), easy peasy stuff -nothing too challenging or tedious as you will ultimately quit and lose your confidence. Have I eliminated any of the usual stress triggers? I think if we focus on the small empowering stuff it will then give us the passion, obsession even to push it further and do more. At least that is what happened to me! This one image below nails everything I have been talking about  (except the DIY aspect), mirrors, rugs, details. Its designed by Nate Berkus. nBack later with another post including a preview of our beautiful latest flowers. Sneak peak below of one of our bouquets! fl1

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