Unexpected style upgrades for kitchens

Morning today I am figuring out Christmas, can you even bear it. Middle of summer and here I shall be umming and arring about sheepskins and lanterns and candles. Not as bad as when I used to be a stylist and was actually shooting Christmas at this time of year decorating homes with Christmas trees and roaring fires - funny world. Actually I don't mind it, as it feels so surreal and I've got some cool ideas for gifts.  Concrete rams head anyone? Kitchens especially at Christmas are the heart of the home, the engine house if you like - but that also goes for any time of the year. My pet peeve is when they feel so disconnected from the rest of the house so my trick is to layer them up with other stuff which I’ve talk about until the cows come home (funny phrase that) but you know what I mean! Today I wanted to focus on other ideas to transform kitchens by giving them an unexpected style upgrade. It doesn't take much - chuck in the odd rug, unusual lamp wallpaper that kind of thing and you're there! Rugs for me at least are such an important decorating tool and if you put them in the kitchen it takes the space to new heights giving it such a luxurious vibe. Kitchens often times feel super utilitarian and rugs are the quickest way to zap that in the bud! kitchen rug Add some wallpaper it will make your walls pop, whether that happens to be a single wall or the whole space wallpaper adds instant personality. Its actually great in a dead space so above cabinets for instance and doesn't have to monopolise the whole space. Check out this kitchen below, teeny tiny but see how the wallpaper takes it to the next level! No matter how small, awkward or light deprived the space (music to my ears actually) the more magic you can create. The trick is to embrace it full on and not be despondent about room’s limitations. kitchen paper One of my game changers is putting a pendant light normally reserved for the living room into the kitchen. Automatically it diminishes that sterile feel and adds such a beautiful twist. Anything chandelier ish will work a treat. kitchen chan If your kitchen is bijou and you happen to be low on space don't let that put you off having a breakfast nook. Check out the image below - folding chairs are your answer, stow away when you don't need, use when you do. How cool does this little nook feel? From experience when rooms are small I find people tend to decorate minimally. Do the opposite I tell you the more you add to a small space the more the eye doesn't even clock its a small space! kitchen small There is nothing better than open plan storage in a kitchen, any room for that matter so if you've got a nook, an alcove add shelves, trolley's whatever you have it will help up the style ratings big time. kitchen openAm off to grab some granola and pop over to the forum. Back with another post in a tad x

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