Adding drama to rooms

Next week the two new features on my blog Open Call and Style Surgery will be up and running. Thank you so much guys for all your product entries as well as all the images of your homes that need style surgery attention. We have been inundated, and regrettably (at least when it comes to Style Surgery) we can only handle one space at a time, but more on that next week. This afternoon I thought we would concentrate on decorating for less, so ideas to spruce up your home that are cheap, easy and have big impact. One of the most transformative things you can do EVER is paint something. Walls, furniture you name it, it ups the anty big time. You won’t get that wow factor though if you don’t push that colour palette and be brave.  In order to increase the heart rate, to make it beat that little bit faster you have to create drama and you can’t do that with the beige haze hues I hate to say! Skip on over to my Forum if you need some dark inspiration and check out some of the amazing pads people have,  including this amazing one belonging to Samantha which  instantly increases the heart, the pulse. EVERYTHING forum pic Thinking outside of the box is scary stuff but as Mr Jonathan Adler  says “When you're about to kick the bucket, you don't want to be thinking of that beige house you built for the next buyer. You should be thinking about those quirky spaces you built that were bold."With that in mind check out this image – chalkboard paint on the walls embellished further with chalk. Cool no? m Super simple, super clever. Added tip in case anyone missed it comes from Tracey who very kindly posted on my blog when it comes to cleaning chalk board paint wipe over with coca cola, apparently works a treat!

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