Adding a zing

Paris was tres bon. Left at 3am Saturday morning (super early I know but who wants to sleep when they are going to Paris)? Picked up my parents who we invited along and who love Paris as much as us and then headed off. Pottered around the streets, drank pastis visited a flea, sauntered along the left bank the right bank (didn't quite manage to get  to Merci) but it was lovely. The two M's were sooo good, they were patted and made a fuss of all over the place and walked their little legs off! Then an hour outside Calais things got a little interesting. We had a blow out on the motorway with one of the tires, luckily we managed to pull into a petrol station and that should have really been that. Except our second tire also had a puncture and as a result it  took 13 hours and 5 different relay trucks to drag us back home to London. Including a ferry with the 2 M's shut in the depths of the boat. Got in 13 hours after we left yesterday morning nearing 4  am. Exhausted!   Next time I come up with a plan of going away tell me no! This morning I thought we might yabber about adding a zing (certainly in need of it this morning I can tell you). When you push boundaries with colour exciting things start to happen no matter the style of your interior - contemporary, trad, boho it does not matter. Daring to be different is scary stuff, people will turn up their noses, try and put you off but do not listen. Tell no one before taking the plunge, best piece of advice I can give otherwise you will get all sorts of comments. If you need to be inspired check into my Forum it’s amazing to see how many cool homes are out there. You don't have to go dark (actually you kind of do but I am way beyond tired this morning to push my case) so for now lets say you don't. Teasing aside adding a punch of colour you wouldn't normally choose elevates interiors to new heights be they white or be they dark. Yellow kitchen anyone? lemon Pretty darn cool no? Or maybe an orange wall? lemon1 Red counter top possibly? red counter tops Wait how about a couple of yellow chairs (sorry for using this image again it just nails my point about elevating an interior so perfectly! lemon2 All photography by Jonas Ingerstedt, see you back here later

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