Do it yourself art ideas

Last week I yabbered on about art, where to buy it, search for it get inspired by it, so today I thought why not lets make it. Strolling along Porte de Vanves in Paris yesterday (coolest flea market for art btw) I got inspired to look at art in a new light. I came across the most magical endpapers in a great big heap that regrettably I didn’t have the time to wade through but thought would make the most amazing collection of wall art. Which got me thinking you can instantly upgrade anything to create a collection. LIKE for instance: Framed pages from books. They look fabulous on a wall, be that the front cover, sketches or drawings inside, maybe some cool font you name it, just frame it! The other thing I saw at the flea was lots and lots of LP covers.  They would make the most amazing artwork, mounted up and framed – rock bands I hadn’t even heard of, but who cares, the more obscure almost the better I say. Digital snapshots also look great, blown up, distorted or not (its really up to you) anything works if the colours work. Scrawling across on old cheap landscape in graffiti esq text up’s the anty, I’ve done that here on rusty old signs, furniture anything really the possibilities are endless. Check out this image below its such a hodge podge but it so works artb One trick I do time and time ago with my odd homemade thing is to put it in the company of more authentic pieces. Or pieces that look like they’ve cost the earth. I remember Andy Spade saying in his Manhattan apartment no one can tell what’s cost zillions, what’s a school project or picked up from a flea and I love that. When you put cheaper or lesser looking pieces in the company of the big boys it immediately ups its status and is such an easy trick. Talking of tricks of the trade one more before I go. Try plonking art in bookcases see below.  Hardly anyone does it and not sure why. Not only is the art framed beautifully you’ve just created a whole different dynamic. Full of good ideas today no? domaine

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