Hipstering up your home

You guys are posting such amazing spaces on my forum. I checked in yesterday and was so blown away by them that I'm actually thinking of creating a mini sort of booklet on a regular basis on the blog highlighting some of them. Truly inspirational, thank you  I love the community we are creating over there! So I was wondering how you feel about injecting a bit of hipster cool  into your pad? I live in Dalston otherwise know as hipster ville, cool, edgy, urban, bohemian and creative and full to the brim of people who have effortless style. The stores springing up round here reflect that as do the restaurants, bars, cafes and so on which got me to thinking how it could be fun to inject some hipster decorating ideas into our pads. Tip One - go vintage. Creating a hipster vibe is all about mixing modern with vintage to not just illustrate your intelligence but also to show that you have an appreciation of furniture before it was mass produced. I'm thinking maybe a wooden elephant stool, alongside an old chair that kind of thing. If you look at the Ace Hotel in NYC (the most hipster of places) its not actually constrained by any style or period.  Instead its almost like the inspiration has come from a desire to create a space of intimacy and warmth. Layered, playful, referential and super cool and that is exactly what we are after! GG2_Leigh008_0151CR Tip Two. Add bookshelves or bookcases and fill with not just with books but accessories also. Great literally works hanging out with the odd paper elephant is what it is all about! Abbi015_0332 Tip Three. Add something out of context. Not only will this create an interesting dialogue it shows you are not a follower of trends so something that blatantly clashes with the rest of the room is the plan. It knocks the space out of the park. For instance I've got an old gnome from an amusement park that sits on the balcony behind my head and doesn't relate to anything else in the space. It’s a little ironic, tongue in cheek but it also shows you are confident as a decorator and don't care what anyone thinks. GG2_Phili1_002_0023 Tip Four. Make the space look effortlessly casual. Hipster decorating or no hipster decorating rooms designed to within an inch of their lives (I'm talking co-ordinated, matchy, symmetrical and uptight looking) will not cut the mustard. I want all my rooms to feel like they have just been thrown together (they haven’t btw) it takes real skill and you'll need a wide diverse range of textures, colours, patterns not to mention scale to pull it off. But when you pull if off I can promise you never want to leave. Abbi011_0244All images shot by Graham Atkins Hughes and taken from my latest tome Decorating with Style

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