Drapery versus blinds debate

That old chestnut - the drapery versus blinds debate is what we're yabbering about this morning. Where are you with it, drapes, blinds, both, none?  I get asked a lot especially when I fling open my doors for Design School days why no curtains? The answer is a simple one - I spent way too many years in the Midwest in America working on residences that were obsessed with pelmets, valances, swags and tails. Ruched and puffed up things that looked like some bad prom dress so I have a big aversion. I’m coming round slowly but its taking some time.  

Give this question to a load of interior designers and they will tell you that one of the easiest and possibly most affordable ways of dressing up a room begins with your windows. I tend to agree but also because of my personal problem with them think a little differently - purely because I have this problem of feeling too boxed in with many window treatments, coupled with my Midwest experiences. Doubly whammy!  Plus I always want to see beyond the window we’re lucky in that I have been able to cultivate the gardens so  actually now we have two walled in outdoor rooms so you can't actually see any neighbours out back or out front.  Just our  own little world.  We also light the gardens when dusk falls which expands horizons and adds depth even further but enough on what I do lets look at some choices.

How about a bit of pattern? You can go two ways with curtains or with blinds you can make a statement through colour or pattern or you can let them quietly do their job. There is no wrong and there is no right!

window patternedYou can add both as this home owner has done below. In my bedroom and indeed on the landing and in the bathroom I've opted for blinds in barely there fabric which filter the light so its the softest ever while also keeping things private.



You can add colour something bright and zingy maybe

win curtains yellowOr you can leave unadorned as I have

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