Little black book - temporary wallpaper

Do you have anything ugly that needs covering up. an ugly fridge maybe, a coffee table, some wardrobes? Well look no further than self adhesive temporary wallpaper. Fabulous for renters or those of us on the hunt for that special piece and are having to make do until we find it. The trick,   I'm reckoning I say this a zillion times a day , is to opt for pattern. Pattern brings pieces alive, giving them depth, character and pizazz! Are you into chevrons, if so then check out these guys - Murals Your Way Fancy someremovable wallpaper tiles, if so these are you guys Hygge & West Tempaper have some very cool digital papers (see below), all self adhesive and temporary and pretty darn cool if you ask me. wallpaper wallpaper1For inspiration check out this fridge showcasing on Apartment Therapy not so long back (or maybe it was) unsure these days of months, years and decades they are whizzing by. Anyways cool no? wallpaper3

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