Injecting some jet setter style

rug1 Morning, bright breezy and ready for Monday morning? That's a big nope from me, the weekend I thought I was going to have turned out to be completely different to the one that went down! Planned on Borough then a potter to Maltby and Spa Terminus on Saturday morning but actually only got as far as Borough. Maud has done something to her tail so consequently started whimpering and not walking simultaneously. Saw the vet who appointed some cream, gave her painkillers and thought we pretty much had it nailed. Oh no, she got herself into a crazy state, non stop crying, not walking but then almost going into some sort of frenzy with it every now and again. Saturday I sat with her until 4am when we both crashed for 2 hours, and last night I got a few more hours as I managed to get her into bed for a few. All in all  pretty tired. Anyways enough moaning - its nothing coffee won't sort out right? Lets talk Global Style. Fancy injecting some world traveller cool into your pad? Well here is how – if I had to nail the elements that turn a home into a well travelled lair I would say in no particular order its all about the odd shot of exotic textile, cool art, extraordinary colours, hand crafted elements like vessels or the odd stool, unique patterns and so on. Today its easier then ever with the web at our fingertips we can buy what ever we so wish wherever it may be.  Some further ideas below that will guarantee to make your home feel wordily: Textiles. Rugs and cushions with some sort of pattern will look like they've been brought back from some faraway place, some souk in Morocco when in fact - guess what they haven't this cool striped number is from Urban Outfitters and retails at £65! rug Vintage finds, lamps, urns, chairs, old vases will automatically give your home that well-travelled look. Charity shops, auction houses and flea markets should be on everyone's radar. Vintage finds give spaces such a unique vibe, if everything is brought from one era, one style it tends to feel so  uptight.  Throw that off radar with vintage I say! Art, art is such an easy way of adding travel bug style to your walls it can read like an extensive passport, and it never got easier with all the amazing resources online. Flea markets are a fabulous way of buying into the vibe, fancy some watercolour from Paris, a lithograph from Kyoto oil from Barcelona? If you are in Paris any time soon go to Porte de Vanves flea market - amazing selection of incredible global art! Oh and don't tell anyone else its my coolest, best and most secret flea there is! I've got African drums which double duty as coffee tables, an occasional table made from local wood by a group of artisans in Senegal, an old  Italian 50's drink trolley, some stone heads on the mantle looking like they've come from some stately abode. Have I travelled to any on of those places? Nope. I've found them at fleas, at stores all over the place and of course online. They all work, hang out and co-exist so beautifully together because I've reigned in the colour palette.  Only a few pieces fight for attention the rest just quietly hang out harmoniously,  complementing the rest.  

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