The skinny on entertaining!

Do entertaining and skinny go hand in hand? Think not. Even more of a question - is it possible to get you're head around Christmas when we're in the midst of summer?  That is a toughie - and I'm embroiled up to my neck in it. Although the big fairs don’t run for another few months the savvy retailers amongst us cannot wait until October to get those new collections in so we are always on the hunt So far I’ve found the cutest money boxes, amazing drinking vessels (fabulous for any craft beer goers out there), primitive candle holders, a couple of chandeliers  and t-lights to die for, literally. As well as the most amazing throws and cushions perfect for after dinner lounging. Cannot wait to show you guys! All of which leads me rather nicely to this afternoons post. Whether we are in the midst of winter or the height of summer holding a shindig is all about creating that perfect atmosphere. I’m talking killer lighting, cool eats, drinks and a fab playlist! Once upon a time when I had a life I used to hang zillions of little glass t-lights in all the trees outside (10 trees alone in the back and spend hours before everyone arrived lighting them). Now I skip all that for much fancier lighting. My go trick is to run an extension cord from inside and then hang a chandelier from a tree – so cool for a special occasion. If you don’t have a cool chandelier then how about this. Find a tired old brass number from a thrift store and spray a funky colour! chandelier If you’ve got a fire pit or real fire stacks of logs look uber sweet inside or out, I’ve got piles of them everywhere. Baskets piled up high inside with more baskets and a big old log pile outside.Talking of wood, the  flower market sells stripes of bark which I cover any old  glass vase or container with by simply holding together with twine. Super sweet. eentertain Entertaining is all about making an effort so at  the very least that your guests feel special. Something I do a lot is fill jugs, urns, tumblers, t-light holders, jam jars  with herbs, foliage from the garden, posies of flowers.  Not only is the scent amazing it jazzes up the plainest nook. Oh and talking of scent Aesop have the best essential oils. Isabelle burner blend is one of my latest discoveries – imagine spearmint, rosemary, and sage all in one little pot. Beautiful inside or out I could go on and bore you further – for example those cute French yogurts pots in those super sweet glass pots make for excellent t light holders or lovely little shot glasses. Slate from builders merchants I use as platters for salads roasted veg and cheeses, little dishes I use as salt and pepper holders oh and for cocktails the odd frozen piece of fruit in an ice cube is super glam. Don't have that many though  many otherwise you may end up like this: maud2

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